Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi: A Love Story For The Ages

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A brief article about Patrick Swayze.

Patrick Swayze's death in 2009 of cancer, was tragic and affected people across the world. Patrick will always be remembered as a brilliant dancer, and an excellent actor. Patrick had many roles in his brief life, that will be missed by the people that loved him. He had many diverse interests and gifts. He was a classically trained ballet dancer, where he became the partner of his future wife, Lisa Niemi. Patrick was her first partner. The couple married in 1975, and they stayed together until his death in 2009.

Patrick was a talented singer-songwriter. His song was featured in the 1987, mega-hit "Dirty Dancing." "She's Like Wind" is one of the most memorable songs in the film. This song was inspired by his wife, and the enduring love story was cemented in music history. Patrick and Lisa shared a passion for horses as well. The couple lived on a ranch with several horses.

In 1990, Patrick starred with Demi Moore in "Ghosts." The supernatural love story struck a chord with audiences, and inspired couples to take pottery classes.This film illustrated that love can last even in death. Lisa has stated that she watched this film following Patrick's passing. Lisa and Patrick's relationship will continue to stay strong in her heart.

The couple starred together in films like "Road House" and "One Last Dance." "One Last Dance" was a labor of love for Patrick and Lisa. Lisa directed, wrote, and starred in the film. Patrick and Lisa's passion for ballet, and each other showed beautifully in this film. This film is an enduring testament to the talent of these wonderful actors. People can communicate deeper through dance at times then any other art form. This was never as clear as in this film.

In this world of quickie marriages, and even faster divorces, Patrick and Lisa remind people that there are couples out there who stay together for life. When Patrick was diagnosed with cancer, Lisa was his rock of positivity and strength. The couple showed dignity and humor throughout the darkest period of their relationship.

In 2009, Patrick starred in the A&E series, "The Beast." Lisa directed Patrick in his last acting experience on this earth. Patrick may be gone, but his art and his love for his wife will stay permanently etched in her mind. Patrick Swayze will be remembered as a wonderful actor and dancer, but his greatest legacy will be that he loved a woman for his life.


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